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The Gold Bee CBD began by offering capsules and gummies that contain CBD. Since then, they have added more products to their portfolio and continue to develop new products. Today, the company has more than 50 different products in their portfolio. Their goal is to offer investors a wide range of choices, from edibles to a diversified investment portfolio. Here are some of their top picks for CBD-infused foods::Gold Bee CBD: The first gummies that tracks the domestic gold price. Although gold hasn't made a great investment avenue over the long term, it has great utility as part of a diversified portfolio.

The CBD oil from Gold Bee CBD is available in two different flavors: kiwi and natural. The latter has a sweetness that's derived from the brand's honey. This CBD-infused oil is a solid choice for those seeking the benefits of CBD but aren't sure how much they should spend. As a budget-friendly option, it can help manage stress and reduce physical discomfort. The product comes in a convenient bottle that is less concentrated than the standard potencies.